Receive Arrow

Before you can receive Arrow, you must have an Arrow address.

  1. On the Receive tab, select the address you want to use from the list under Address Type. A copiable version fo the address is displayed in the Address box.

  2. Either copy the displayed address, or scan the QR code.

  3. Give the address to the person who'll shoot a few Arrows at you.

Send Arrow

To send Arrow, you must have an address with an Arrow balance.

Sending many UTXOs in one batch

If you have many unspent transactions (UTXOs) in your wallet and you try to spend many of them, computing the transaction might take a long time.

  1. On the Send tab, select the address from which you want to send Arrow. Only addresses with balances are listed.

  2. In the Address field, specify the recipient's address.


    Select a recipient's address by using the address book.

  3. In the Amount field, specify the amount of Arrow to send.


    "If you want to send the entire balance of an address, check the Max Available box.

  4. Click Send.