Backup and restore

Backup one private key, all your private keys, or the wallet data file. Use the backup of your wallet.dat file to restore your wallet.

Before you begin

Close Quiver.

Backup one private key

  1. Open the Receive tab.
  2. Select the address whose private key you want to backup.
  3. Click Export Private Key. The private key for the selected address is displayed in a new window.
  4. Store it securely.

Alternative method

  1. On the Balance tab, right-click the address in the list of balances, and select Get private key.
  2. Store it securely.

Backup all private keys

  1. Select File->Export all private keys. All your private keys are displayed in a new window.
  2. Store them securely.

Save keys as a file

If you'd like to save the keys as a file, click Save and place them in a secure place.

Backup wallet data file

  1. Go to the default data directory for your platform.
  2. Make a copy of the wallet.dat file.
  3. Store it securely.

New private keys aren't in your backup

When you create a new address, create a new backup of the wallet.dat file.

Restore your wallet

  1. Replace the existing wallet.dat file with your backup.
  2. Start Quiver.